Tips to Stay Safe in the Hot Summer Heat!

Arizona can be a beautiful place – full of nature and its beauty, lots of native wildlife and loads of gorgeous mountain ranges and sites to see! But that beauty comes with a price, and as the temperatures continue to climb as we get into the month of July, it’s important for everyone to remember to be safe!

Here are some tips for surviving the hot summer days, and sometimes – nights – this season.

  1. Be sure to drink plenty of water!

It is important to stay hydrated to fuel and protect your body, but it is especially important when the temperatures get very high. According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, each person should be drinking at least 2 full liters of water per day. When engaged in activity, however, our bodies lose water at a faster rate. That, coupled with the intense heat, makes drinking lots of water even more necessary. Be sure to drink water regularly – before you even feel thirsty!

2. Dress for the weather and be prepared to layer!

Be smart about the attire you wear on especially hot days! Light clothing that can be layered and un-layered is key (that way, you are prepared either way)! Be sure to wear hats, which can help prevent sunburn on your face and scalp. Lastly, light colored clothing can be helpful, as it can help reflect some of the sun’s light and therefore, heat.

3. Take it easy and don’t push yourself!

Try your best to avoid extra strenuous activity or extended periods outdoors. If you are someone who works outside, be sure to drink extra water and pay attention to how you are feeling.

4. Wear LOTS of sunscreen!

Apply early and apply often! Sunscreen, even those with a high value SPF, wear off over time. Remember to apply more sunscreen every few hours, and if you go swimming, apply after getting out of the water.

Take action and take the steps to protect yourself this summer! Before long, the relieving rains of the monsoon will be upon us. But until then, stay smart and stay safe!