The Mason Family

The Mason family stumbled upon Rancho Sahuarita during their search for the perfect home. As they toured our vibrant community, they discovered our water slides and Javaleras and knew right away that they would love living in Rancho Sahuarita. The Mason family found their dream home and, within the first few weeks, they immersed themselves in the lively atmosphere of a community yard sale. It was as if Rancho Sahuarita had anticipated their arrival, creating a fun-filled event that brought the community together.

Being a part of the Rancho Sahuarita community has had a transformative impact on the Mason family’s lives. They have greatly benefited from the diverse range of workout classes, enabling them to stay healthy, active, and in shape. Their love for walking and biking is further enhanced by the vast network of paved pathways that run through our community, making it incredibly convenient for them to explore their beautiful surroundings, and our meticulously landscaped pathways add a touch of natural beauty to their daily routines, enhancing their overall experience.

Among the numerous amenities available, it is our hot tubs that have created lasting memories for the Mason family. As they soak in the warm waters under the night sky, they have had the opportunity to forge friendships and connect with other residents, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie within the community.

From their very first day, the Mason family knew that they had made the right choice by becoming a part of the Rancho Sahuarita community. The array of activities and social engagements, paired with Rancho Sahuarita’s central location and reasonable HOA fee, affirmed their decision. Above all, the Mason family values the comforting feeling of safety and security that Rancho Sahuarita provides, allowing them to truly call this community their home.