The Daniels Family

Meet the Daniels family. Their journey began when Mr. Daniels landed his dream job at the Sahuarita Police Department, a turning point that would bring about wonderful changes for their entire family. Their autistic son, previously struggling in school, started showing remarkable progress, thanks to the support and resources available in our award-winning schools.

They finally had a place to call home—something that had been quite challenging in the past.

Among the countless amenities that Rancho Sahuarita has to offer, it was the clubhouse that truly stood out for the Daniels family. Their children enjoy swimming, and the events and classes have provided them with many opportunities for family time, as well as that much-needed alone time.

One particular event, Winter Fest, etched itself into their hearts forever. For the Daniels’, this experience became a core memory for their family, igniting a sense of joy and togetherness that would always remain close to their hearts.

From their very first day in Rancho Sahuarita, the Daniels family knew they had made the right choice to move to our vibrant community. They vividly remember the mixture of nerves and excitement that coursed through them as they drove into town, ready to step into their new home for the first time. But as soon as they walked through their front door, all doubts melted away and were replaced with an overwhelming feeling of certainty. They knew, right then and there, that they had made the right choice by calling Rancho Sahuarita home.