Summer Safety Tips – Courtesy of Community Partner, Rural Metro Fire Department

Practice the ABC’s of Water Safety

Adult Supervision- Never let a child swim alone or be near water unattended.

Barriers- Fences around pools should have self-closing, self-locking gates that will keep a child from accessing the pool without supervision.

Classes- Swim Classes for anyone who does not know how to swim and CPR classes for every adult.

Pool Safety 

The ABC’s of pool safety are what we call multiple layers of protection to protect our kids from drowning. However there is nothing that can replace Adult supervision which is without question the number 1 key factor in preventing child drowning.  All of the layers of protection are very helpful, but supervision will always be number.  This means, no phone calls, texting, or socializing. Your eyes must be on the kids in the water 100% of the time. No exceptions.  

Excessive heat

Protection yourself from the UV’s.  Wear full brimmed hats and a good sunscreen.  Arizona is one of the top states for skin cancer.  And get an annual skin check by a dermatologist.  

Hot Cars

It is Illegal to have a dog in a parked car in the heat. Even if it is only for a few minutes. Temperatures can spike in a parked car very quickly during the summer months. Dogs can only cool themselves by panting, so it is extra tough for them. They can sustain brain damage and even die from heat related injury in just 15 minutes.   

Hiking Safety  

You must hydrate the night before you hike.  If you wait until your thirsty, it’s too late.  Pick a hiking trail that fits your level of experience. We see too many hikers get into trouble by overextending themselves on trails that are not suitable to their level of fitness or experience. 

Barbecue Safety

Start with a very clean barbecue and a safe area to cook in. Move the barbecue away from your home and the overhanging roof. If using propane, insure that the connection to the bottle is tight and there are no leaks in the rubber hoses. Make sure the barbecue has cooled off before storing. Storing of chemicals should be away from any heat the cooking area may produce.

Fire Safety

With relative humidity severely low for the past months, fire danger is very high. Care should be taken while using any open flame. Inspect barbecue grills before using; making sure the fire will remain contained. Fireworks should be avoided, even if your jurisdiction allows them.

Desert Animals

Snakes have colors and patterns that allow them to blend into their surroundings so watch where you step or reach with your hands. On warm nights snakes will be more active so carry a flashlight to light your path or turn lights on before going out onto your porch or patio.

If you see a snake on your property, watch it. Most likely it is just passing through and you will not see it again.

We advise residents to never attempt to remove a snake from their property since the majority of snake bites occur when un-trained people handle them. The department provides snake removal services to their residents to keep you and the animal safe.