Summer Bucket List in Rancho Sahuarita

We know that summer doesn’t officially start until June, but with the pools opening, kiddos getting out of school, and sun beaming, the season in Southern Arizona seems to kick off long before the summer solstice.

Are you someone who has traditions that make your season each year, or someone who looks for something new and exciting to keep your family entertained? An idea we found online is to make a “Summer 2018 Bucket List”. Tailor it to your plans and situation; here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Try a new workout routine.
  2. Get involved or get your kids involved with fun summertime programs and camps.
  3. The season for summer is also the season for lots of fruits and veggies – making it a great time to try and enjoy new recipes.
  4. Be sure you spend plenty of time at the pool! The Splash Park at Club Rancho Sahuarita opens officially to our residents on Saturday, May 26th, and closes for the season Labor Day weekend.
  5. Volunteer! Remember that all the organizations that need your help the rest of the year don’t take a summer vacation, so it’s a great time to give giving back a try.
  6. Make an outdoor fort in your backyard!  Or in your living room! There are lot of children, (and adults) that are sure to find this activity fun!
  7. Read at least 10 new books! Make this a goal for yourself and for your little ones.
  8. The monsoons are right around the corner and provide lots of beautiful photo opps. Capture some of the shots. Plus, you can take photos of all the blossoming plants in the desert. Put them together at the end of the summer, and there you’ll have a custom-made coffee table book!
  9. Try a picnic in the park! While summer in Arizona makes it warm, plan your picnics for those cooler or more overcast days and take advantage of all the great parks and trails in your community.
  10. Make a fun summer craft. Whether you are a grown up DIY-er or looking for something cute to do with the kiddos, there are lots of great blogs and resources online that can help provide lots of fun inspiration.

Have other ideas brewing to add to your own Bucket list? Consider the act of just building the list a fun thing on its own, and something you can do with loved ones. By letting everyone in on the process, you can be sure you are really building a list that represents your family.

Enjoy making your lists, and let’s make Summer 2018 “one for the books”!