Step into Spring with Fresh Starts

Spring starts this month, and the season of fresh starts and renewal will come along with it. Here are some ideas for how you can step into spring on the right foot.

  1. Spring Cleaning – Many people take the start of this season as a chance to spring clean. It is a great opportunity to clean out your unwanted items or make room for something new. But don’t automatically trash all your items; consider donating old clothes or housewares to a local charity, or see if a local school or childcare facility can use your gently-used family-friendly books. Consider having a yard sale or a fun party with your friends where you swap items. One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure, after all.
  2. Get Active Outdoors – Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather that Sahuarita and Tucson often boast and get outside. Take a relaxing walk or jog on nearby trails, go for a hike in Madera or Sabino Canyon, or play a game on your neighborhood’s basketball, tennis or volleyball courts. Consider taking fitness classes at your nearby gym, or register your children for outdoor functions focused on activity and play.  However you decide to do it, getting moving and enjoying nature this season is the way to go.
  1. Learn New Recipes – Spring also ushers in the season for lots of delicious fruits and veggies. Trade in your soups and cold-weather go-to’s for refreshing salads and fun sandwiches. There are lots of books and blogs that offer creative suggestions for how to spruce up recipes, and bring out the ‘at-home professional chef’ in all of us.