Spreading the Message of Bike Safety Amongst Rancho Sahuarita’s Youngest Residents

Although the month of May is technically National Bike Safety Month, with Rancho Sahuarita’s 17+ miles of paved trails, our team understands the importance of promoting bike safety

year-round. This is especially the case with our smallest of residents, who can take the early lesson and understand from an early age the joys of security that come with being safe.

On Thursday, November 8th, a group of families gathered for the day’s Story Time for Tots event, and were joined by Resident HOA Board member, Bob Webster. Bob is an avid rider himself, and definitely wants to make sure that the importance of being safe while biking is something that gets passed on to future generations. During the event, Bob read the book “Katherine’s Bike Was Wonderfully Strange” and shared tips with the little ones about helmet and bike safety. The children in attendance, along with their parents, were then able to participate in a fun craft, where they decorated bike baskets with their name and own creative flair.

Story Time for Tots takes place twice a month for Rancho Sahuarita residents, and is definitely a favorite amongst the families. By having another opportunity to share important messages and lessons such as this, it’s just another example of how our team is working every day to help create a better life for our residents.