Sahuarita Times: SPD Engages Community Around Safety

In 1997, the Sahuarita Police Department began operations with one Police Chief, one Sergeant, and four Police Officers with the mission to maintain a safe community for the newly formed town. Since then, SPD has expanded to over 43 sworn Officers, (with 2 commanders, 8 sergeants, and several special units) that protect the thriving Sahuarita community. The Sahuarita Police Department is a vital part of the Sahuarita community; both for protection and security and for the proactive steps it takes to engage residents around safety and community building.

SPD is committed to the idea of ‘community policing’ which employees the collaborative efforts of community members, volunteers, and Department Officers to reduce crime and encourage positive efforts that engage local residents. It also provides guidance and safety tips, while encouraging neighbors to depend on one another.

The Department also works with major community partners, like the Town of Sahuarita, the Sahuarita Unified School District, and Rancho Sahuarita to plan and implement programs that promote a safe lifestyle. Residents participate in Neighborhood Watch to enhance awareness in each neighborhood.

The “Preserve Our Neighborhoods” program works with community leaders and members to ensure the continued safety and security of the Town of Sahuarita. SPD believes this proactive approach ensures that the high quality of life for residents in the Town continues.

In addition to traditional policing, SPD creates programs to connect and grow residents around community engagement, service and safety. The Explorer Post 693 works with teens and young adults to teach life skills and provide insight into the law enforcement field, while promoting positive growth and development through elements like community service. Furthermore, individuals involved in SPD’s active volunteer program “V.I.P.S” (Volunteers in Police Service), assist Officers in performing various tasks such as enforcement of traffic control at special events, manning the Police Department’s booth at various functions and performing vacation home checks.

Melissa Ramos, who has been a resident of the Rancho Sahuarita community for 7 years, spoke of her personal interaction with Sahuarita Police Department and their presence in the community saying, “We have known Officer Blevins for years!  He stopped by the house while [my son] Sebastian was home on leave from the military to check in on him.  Officer Blevins does his job extremely well, but him stopping by shows he cares.  I feel like that about all of our Officers here in Sahuarita. They protect and serve our community but they also care about our community.”

By continuing to maintain a positive presence in the community, the Sahuarita Police Department will continue to deliver exceptional service, guidance and support for Sahuarita.