Sahuarita Times: Q&A with School Board Member David Eves

David Eves is a Sahuarita resident and parent of four children educated in Sahuarita Unified School District. His eldest graduated in 2012, and his three younger children are in kindergarten, 3rd and 9th grades. David was elected to the SUSD School Board in 2010 and is running for re-election in November. 

David is president of the Rancho Sahuarita Construction Company, where he oversees construction of the built environment in Rancho Sahuarita. He has lived in Sahuarita since 2006.

Why did you run for school board in 2010?

As a parent and as a Sahuarita resident, I care about our local schools and the impact they can make on our community. I ran to provide guidance to the SUSD administration on areas of influence that were not their core area of expertise, like maximizing purchasing power for new construction and moving through the deployment of district capital for new schools and the aquatics center.

I wanted to participate and make a difference in our community in a place that mattered, and the school board was a great place to do that.

  1. What has been most memorable during your term on the board?

Graduating the seniors every year is extremely rewarding. As a school district, graduation is as close to a “finished product” as we ever come. It is a moment of pride each year when we can send these students off into the world.

  1. What are the most positive things about SUSD?

There are three, in my opinion: 

The leadership of our administration.

Dr. Valenzuela is a remarkable leader, and assistant superintendents Bonner and Downs round out a team that is really taking the district to a new level of educational excellence. Their focus on bringing in the community through things like Sahuarita Wins demonstrates an awareness of the unique challenges facing education today, and they are meeting those challenges head-on. 

SUSD’s teachers.

I’ve had four kids go through the district (three are still in school), and I have been impressed by the professionalism and scholarship of the teachers at every level and in every school. As a parent, I feel confident entrusting my children’s education to the teachers at SUSD. 

The support from the Sahuarita community.

“It takes a village” and the Sahuarita community seems to take that to heart. Community support can make or break a public school system, and it’s a great assurance to see the investment that parents and non-parents alike have in the district.

As a community, we seem to understand that we are only as good as our schools, and we’re willing to make the investments that sustain and improve our education system.