Sahuarita Times: New Dermatology Office Opens in Sahuarita

Sahuarita Times: A new dermatology office has opened in Sahuarita.

In response to increased demand and a commitment to the community, Dr. Scott Sheftel and his team opened the new office of HealthySkin Dermatology, which has been in practice in Southern Arizona for over 17 years. It has been serving the Green Valley community for over five years, initially seeing patients through Carondelet facilities.

The new office, located at 18855 S. La Canada Drive in Sahuarita, is a 2,600 square foot state of the art facility offering medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology. The nine medical dermatology providers who staff this office offer full body skin exams and specialize in skin diseases involving the hair, body and nails.

“We noticed several years ago an increase in patients from the Sahuarita and Green Valley area who were choosing to commute to central Tucson to receive their dermatological care. We realized that we could better serve this area if we had a physical office to take care of the patients that have been with us for many years,” comments Sheftel.

HealthySkin also specializes in skin cancer and treats all skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema, both teenage and adult acne as well as other skin problems.  The office also offers cosmetic services, such as facial peels and cosmetic injectables.

The Sahuarita office compliments the main office in Tucson which offers comprehensive skin care services.  The Tucson office also offers Mohs surgery and brachytherapy radiation treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers as well as lasers for skin care services.

“Our hope is that by expanding our offices permanently into Sahuarita, we will be able to provide residents in Sahuarita, Green Valley and surrounding communities with access to dermatological care that they might not have otherwise been able to easily obtain because of distance or availability,” says Sheftel.

“We are committed to healthy skin and preventative healthcare for anyone who lives in the desert sun.  Skin cancer is very easily treated if caught early, but it can be very serious if left unaddressed.  Our goal is to expand our Sahuarita clinic to offer a full range of skin services offering comprehensive medical skin care. I get tremendous satisfaction and gratification working with patients of all ages to treat and manage their skin conditions.”

The HealthySkin staff has enjoyed working in the Sahuarita and Green Valley communities. Thomas Brett Davis, PA-C, reflects, “I love going to Sahuarita.  The patients are all really kind and they have that down-home feeling.  They remind me of the kind of folks I grew up around. ”