Sahuarita Times: Proposition 401 – Why Your Support Matters

An Interview with Jeremy Sharpe, Chair of Yes for Sahuarita Schools

Tell us about Proposition 401 and its potential impact.
Proposition 401 is a proposed school bond for the Sahuarita Unified School District allowing for a $50 million investment in schools; supporting the efforts to ensure safe, future-ready school facilities with no expected increase to the school tax rate. The bond this year is unique, as given the district has shared that all schools within the district will get additions, upgrades, and advancements from this in some way, (rather than just one or a few), all students and families will see improvements and the benefits that result.

How would the Sahuarita Unified School District use this money?
If passed, Prop 401 would allow for the district to make critical improvements and enhancements when it comes to student safety, technology, equipment and building renovations, as well as construction of new facilities and needed furniture and equipment. All schools will receive upgraded security cameras, ballistic resistant glass, cyber security tools, enhancement of public address systems, instructional classroom technology, chairs, desks, and tables – plus more! Individual campuses will also get additional items, such as an upgraded playground, courtyard, a cafeteria expansion, and new classrooms for mainstream and special education to support growth for K-8 schools within the community. District high schools will receive additional lighting, NJROTC space expansion, enhanced science laboratories, a new performing theater, and more.  In today’s modern world, student safety, security and readiness are on the forefront of conversation, parents’ minds, and the district’s priorities and approach. The passage of Prop 401 will enable it to make these critical enhancements a reality.

How is all this possible without an expected increase to the school tax rate?
SUSD has responsibly paid off its past obligations, leaving room for new investments for the future at much better interest rates. That, coupled with commercial and residential growth within the district that has led to an increased total assessed valuation, places the
district in a great place to make this investment with local voters’ help.

How can the community help the effort for Proposition 401?
Anyone can help by volunteering to man tables at public events, distributing and displaying signs, and by spreading the word to friends and neighbors. Ballots will drop October 11th, and so it is important that voters remember to mail it back by October 31st. Ballots can also be dropped off on Election Day at a Ballot Replacement & Drop-Off location; the one available locally will be at the Sahuarita School District Administration, (located at 350 W. Sahuarita Rd, Building 10).

Why is supporting the schools in Sahuarita so important?
Schools have always been a key part of what makes our community such an incredible place. By supporting measures like this, the community can help the district fill funding gaps that make such fundamental differences in the quality of education. And in return, families can count on the schools to provide their children with quality, engaging, safe and well-rounded places to learn. It goes even bigger than that as well, as improved school quality can lead to things like increased property values, a strong workforce, a competitive
employment base that attracts companies to locate within our community and more.

That is why this matters; because it is more than just textbooks and supplies. It is an investment in not only protecting, but also supporting and elevating our children and their future. Please support Proposition 401 this November; because Great Schools Make Great Communities.

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