Sahuarita “State of the Town” a Success

On Tuesday, January 29th, people from various businesses, organizations, and municipalities came together for the annual Sahuarita State of the Town Luncheon. Rancho Sahuarita, in collaboration with Rural/Metro Fire Department, a key community partner, were the presenting sponsors of the event. As the highlight of the luncheon, Mayor Duane Blumberg of Sahuarita gave his annual “State of the Town” address, in which he highlighted the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats present in various areas for the Town going forward. He concentrated on elements like the strength of the Town’s location, and the well-educated workforce it boasts. These things, according to Blumberg, make the Town well-positioned for development and growth during an uncertain and unknown economic time.

Blumberg mentioned the Rancho Sahuarita community as a major advantage for the town. He spoke of the immense “planning growth” the Town has,  and highlighted it as a great strength for the area. He went on to highlight Rancho Sahuarita further and praise its founder, Bob Sharpe, for his efforts to create the community, sense of place, and many amenities that its residents have access to.

He also spoke of the strength of the public infrastructure, and the quality of public services that are part of the Town. In addition, he encouraged the Town Council to develop policies and action that will allow for further advancement of the Town. The luncheon included international representation, with dignitaries from Sahuarita, Oro Valley, Tucson, Marana, and even Nogales present. The Mayor highlighted this as a path to growth, and emphasized the need to take advantage of the Town’s location, contacts, and connections to advance the development of the area as a major hub between Tucson and Mexico.

Blumberg concluded by reminding his audience that “The takeaway is that Sahuarita is a young, ambitious community and there are more strengths and opportunities than weaknesses and threats.”