Residents Give Hope this Holiday Season

The holiday season each year is filled with many opportunities to give back and help those in need. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on families of Sahuarita, the need to help those among us in need has been more crucial. But it can be about more than just financial support, but also about emotional support and spreading positivity and good will.

As an increasing number of families have been impacted in some way by the changes the pandemic has caused, important organizations like the Sahuarita Food Bank and others still continue their work serving these families, despite strain on their volunteers or their resources. In years previous, residents of the area have been able to give back through food and toy drives. While many of these may not have taken place this year, (at least in the same way as they have previously), it is still important that those who are able help out however they can.

Residents of the Rancho Resort community, for example, while unable to hold their typical food drive collecting donations of non-perishable food items, made a special effort to still gather financial contributions to the Sahuarita Food Bank as able.  Residents of that community will also worked to spread the spirit of the season on Christmas Eve, by joining together for a collective bell ringing outside each of their homes at a designated time.

In Rancho Sahuarita, residents each year have had the opportunity to help Toys for Tots, a deserving organization that collects and distributes toys for underprivileged youth. And each year consistently, Rancho Sahuarita has been one of the organizations locally that collects the most items. While the drive did not take place this year as in years past, residents were still encouraged to help organizations such as Toys for Tots if able.

Another important way that area residents can spread the spirit of the season, especially this year, is to remember to thank healthcare workers and essential employees. The pandemic has highlighted the incredible importance of these individuals, many of which often don’t get the same opportunities to celebrate the holidays with family.

Remember to recognize these individuals in your life, and always express appreciation for all they do.

~In this season, and always.~