RELEASE: Mister Car Wash Location Opens Doors in Sahuarita

“Tucson has been home to the nation’s largest car wash brand, Mister Car Wash, since it established its headquarters offices downtown in 2014. At that time, the company operated just over 100 stores. The newest location – number 408 – is now open in Sahuarita.

“There’s just something about this town – this community is very special,” said James Throckmorton, Vice President of Real Estate and Development for Mister Car Wash. “I have had my eye on Sahuarita for a long time and we are excited to be up and running with this new location in our own backyard.”

Located off I-19 at the corner of Sahuarita Road and Rancho Sahuarita Blvd, the location features a state-of-the-art tunnel experience with Mister’s proprietary cleaning systems. Customers can quickly clean their cars’ exterior and take advantage of the free vacuum stalls on site. Unlimited Wash Club® members can also access all Mister Car Wash locations across the city using dedicated “member only” lanes.

As a socially conscious neighbor, Mister invests in the communities in which it operates through sustainability efforts and education, fundraising partnerships, and investments in its employees.

Mister is committed to making operational decisions to reduce impact and enhance sustainability in freshwater use, eco-friendly chemistry, and energy consumption. On-site, the company’s water conservation process includes the use of high-efficiency nozzles, sophisticated reclaim systems, and responsible return to the city infrastructure.

This commitment to water stewardship goes beyond the four walls of the wash. Mister recently teamed up with Trees for Tucson, an initiative set on planting one million trees in the region by 2030. Mister’s $150,000 investment will transform a local park, creating nature paths and gathering areas, water basins that collect rain to replenish the water table, and planting native drought-resistant plants to improve the ecosystem for a vulnerable community. Mister’s ultimate goal is to engage in watershed protection in each of its markets, and it starts at home.

Community Fundraising
Mister’s values: We Care, We Work Hard, We Have Fun, also extend beyond the business. In the last five years, Mister has given back over $100,000 to nearly 200 Southern Arizona organizations through its generous fundraising program. Scout troops, little leagues, rotary clubs, and other organizations sell wash vouchers to their network at retail price and keep 50% of the proceeds. Additionally, organizations can solicit in-kind donations for use in raffles, silent auctions, etc. In the same five-year period, more than 200 nonprofit organizations have benefitted from $25,000+ in in-kind donations. Those interested in hosting a fundraiser or requesting an in-kind donation can learn more at

In addition to the nine staff members hired to run the Sahuarita location, nearly 200 employees are working for Mister across 16 locations in the region. Additionally, 300+ headquarters professionals are working across two campuses on 6th Ave. in downtown Tucson. Headquarters employees include professionals in research and product development, marketing, real estate, construction, IT, human resources, finance, and more.

“Of course, we feel invested in each of the 70 major markets we operate in across the country, but this is home,” said Throckmorton. “As we are busy working to build this national brand we won’t forget where we came from, and we will continue to invest in this community.”

The hours of operation for the Sahuarita location are 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday – Saturday and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday. For more information about the new store, visit “