Rancho Sahuarita Wrap-Up: 2012

2012 was a big year in Rancho Sahuarita. New developments for the community include the introduction of new and enhanced lifestyle activities and programs, the addition of new school facilities and churches in the Sahuarita Town Center, and the announcement of an expanded presence of a valuable community partner. As the 10th anniversary of the community came to a close, the year was also a time to celebrate progress and collaboration.

Rancho Sahuarita’s mission is to provide the most comprehensive amenitized lifestyle in an affordable community.  The team at Rancho Sahuarita works everyday to ensure that residents and their families have access to a fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle. 2012 therefore brought with it enhanced programming and events, which gives families the opportunity to spend time with each other in a variety of different ways.

In a partnership with the Sahuarita Unified School District, two new schools opened in the Sahuarita Town Center on Main Street. The Early Childhood Center and Copper View Elementary opened this year, which makes it easier for families to send their children to school close to home and gives them expanded options to fit each student’s age and style of learning. These new additions to the Sahuarita Unified School District will continue to provide excellent education to families in Rancho Sahuarita.

Resident safety and health were also top priorities this past year.  The Rural/Metro Fire station in the Town Center continues to progress and is near completion. It will provide subscribing residents quality fire service throughout the community. In addition, Carondelet recently announced its plans to build a Health and Wellness Pavilion in the Sahuarita Town Center, offering a wide range of healthcare services to residents of the area and delivering enormous value to the region.

This past November, the Sahuarita Town Center won the Metropolitan Pima Alliance’s Common Ground Award for “Community Building”. The award recognizes that the greatest of projects and advancements in the community are the results of partnerships, when multiple for-profit and non-profit organizations have come together to create something incredible for the community and its residents. Thanks to the efforts of as many as 13 different partners, 8 new projects were completed in the Town Center, all of which help to create a fulfilling lifestyle and a unique sense of place for residents of the community and the Town at large.

Finally, the 10th anniversary of the community culminated at the WinterFest event in December. This “10th Anniversary Finale Celebration” brought together collaborative partners, current and past council members of the Town of Sahuarita, and visionaries of the community, including Rancho Sahuarita Founder, Bob Sharpe, to reflect back on the last decade of lifestyle. As Sharpe said of the community and its journey, “With nearly half of Rancho Sahuarita remaining to develop, we still have a lot to do”. He spoke of all that the future offers for the community while commemorating the past, saying that the most exciting things are yet to come.

So as 2012 is nearing its end, and 2013 brings with it a new year of opportunities and experiences, Rancho Sahuarita wishes a good New Year to you and yours, and hopes you will join us is looking forward into the future and all that will come with it.

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