Rancho Sahuarita Residents Work to Set World Record

On Tuesday, June 18th, residents of Rancho Sahuarita had the opportunity to participate in an attempt at setting a world record for the World’s Largest Swim Lesson. Aquatics centers and organizations throughout the world organized to provide swim lessons, all at the same time, in order to top the record set last year.

42 residents participated in Rancho Sahuarita Aquatics Department’s lesson, which focused on basic swim skills and the importance of swim safety. The half hour lesson stressed skills such as kicking, floating, the stroke technique, and how to enter the water.

Rural/Metro Fire Department of Sahuarita partnered on this event, speaking about the importance of never swimming alone, the necessity for locked gates around pools, and having knowledge of CPR. The children were reminded to always follow rules, and to never swim without a parent present.

At the end of the lesson, the residents were given a participation certificate to acknowledge their taking part in helping to set the world record, and popsicles.