Pick A Berry Serves Up Smiles

Pick A Berry Yogurt Provides Residents with Mouth-Watering Treats!

Since opening in September of last year, Pick A Berry Yogurt (“PAB”) as seen incredible success. By providing residents delicious frozen desserts and treats, the staff of the family-owned establishment has secured its place in the hearts of families all across Sahuarita.

In addition to offering a healthy option, Pick A Berry Yogurt is run by the ‘weigh-and-pay’ model allowing customers to create their own custom treat.  The Pick A Berry Yogurt team provides incredible customer service that makes families continue to come back for more and more.

Since opening, the business has also added many new items and options to the menu. In addition to the rotating flavors, which continue to offer variety to suite the tastes of any patron, Pick A Berry Yogurt has recently introduced waffle cone cookies, custom-made cakes and pies, pints to go, and catering and delivery services. Residents can continue to schedule birthday parties with the business, and they often participate in and support fundraisers for local charities and organizations.

Lynne Terry, co-owner of Pick A Berry Yogurt, spoke of the response in Sahuarita and of her relationships with customers: “We feel like we are developing a wonderful rapport with and becoming very involved with Sahuarita and its residents. The response to our product and our customer service has been very gratifying. We love serving up smiles!  We are happy to be here and hope Pick A Berry Yogurt will continue to be part of the community for many years to come.”

In celebration of their business, and to recognize all the residents of the community that have help to make their dreams possible, Picky A Berry Yogurt will be offering a special for “Customer Appreciation Days,” on Tuesday April 15th through Thursday, April 17th.

For more information about Pick A Berry Yogurt or any of their products and services, please call 396-3100, or visit www.pickaberryyogurt.net.