Nutrition Events Brings Health and Wellness to Youngest of Residents

In Rancho Sahuarita, creating a better life extends well beyond amenities and activities that our residents enjoy. It’s also about making it easy for residents to connect; with family, friends, and the best versions of themselves. Creating opportunities for residents to live and lead healthier lifestyles is at the foundation of planning many of our events and Health and Wellness offerings. But it doesn’t just happen for the adults!

Events like Spring and Fall Break Sports Camps and Be Well Summer Camps for kids help make being active and fit an easy part of making and spending time with friends. Our “I Can Cook for Kids” and “I Can Bake for Kids” events also help show children how eating healthy can be fun, easy, and a new way to be creative.

For example, this past Saturday, the team at Club Rancho Sahuarita held another edition of the “I Can Cook for Kids” event, lead by our staff Nutritionist, Sarah Marrs. The menu for the day featured English Muffin Pizzas, Chocolate Banana Pops, and veggie hummus faces.

It’s events like this and others that make creating your best life possible when you live in Rancho Sahuarita. No matter your age.