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Some exciting additions have been made to the Rancho Sahuarita Clubhouse in the past few weeks, in the form of a new drinking fountain and new hand-dryers. These new additions are not the ordinary drinking fountain and restroom hand-dryers, however.

The new drinking fountain located near the Fitness Facility not only has an added feature that allows residents to more easily fill up their water bottles, but it also keeps a cumulative count of the total number of disposable plastic water bottles that were saved with each additional fill-up using the feature. To date, the waste associated with nearly 1500 disposable plastic bottles has been saved!

The new hand dryers in the restrooms are an innovative advancement as well, as residents have to do no more than place their hands in between the two drying panels. They are then suddenly blasted with a wave of heat that is faster and therefore more energy-efficient than the traditional one that’s found in most restrooms. The team at the Rancho Sahuarita Clubhouse is planning to watch consumption and ordering of the paper towels in the restrooms, as a method of monitoring the efficiency of adding the new dryers.

Drinking fountain 3

Drinking fountain 2

Drinking fountain


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