A Morning of Healing: Tu Nidito Memory Beads

Tu Nidito Community Memory Beads Event
Saturday, November 8 | 10:00 a.m.
Copper View Elementary
RSVP to Tu Nidito – (520) 322-9155.

Tu Nidito Children & Family Services is a Tucson nonprofit that provides one-on-one and group support for children who have experienced a death or a serious illness. Children in Tu Nidito’s grief support program can create a beaded necklace with Tu Nidito’s special “Memory Beads” – beautiful, colorful beads that symbolize different aspects of the grieving process.

Every Memory Beads necklace starts with two things: The name of the child’s “Special Person” (the person who has died), and the date of death. After that, each necklace will look different as the child adds symbolic beads to the necklace. Some beads represent milestones since the loved one’s death, like First Mother’s Day without Mom, death anniversary, birthday, Christmas. Other beads represent emotions and feelings, like confusion, happiness, sadness, anger, fear and loneliness.

According to Tu Nidito executive director Liz McCusker, Memory Beads was created by a longtime Tu Nidito supporter following the death of her husband. She used beading to document her grieving process, eventually bringing the concept to Tu Nidito for use in their grief support groups.

On Saturday, Nov. 8, Tu Nidito is organizing a community Memory Beads event in Sahuarita, in partnership with SUSD. Adults, children and families who have experienced the death of a loved one are welcome to attend and make their own Memory Beads necklace. McCusker emphasizes that the death doesn’t have to be recent in order to attend.

To RSVP for the free event, or for questions, contact Tu Nidito at (520) 322-9155.