Jarvis Family – Residents Since 2019

Residents since 2019

Justin and Dennise Jarvis moved to Rancho Sahuarita with their six children in June of 2019 to be closer to family. They are originally from Southern California but spent recent years in Missouri where Justin taught at Truman State University.

In early 2019, Justin got a job at the University of Arizona and they started looking for homes in the Tucson area. Dennise began searching online for a family-friendly community and a Google search revealed Rancho Sahuarita. The pictures and amenities captured the Jarvis family’s hearts and imaginations. From snowy Missouri, the images of the pools and parks made them all very excited and ready to move sooner rather than later! The Jarvis family homeschool their children and when they found out about the Rancho Sahuarita Homeschool Club, it definitely impacted their decision to move here. In June, the family loaded up and drove straight to Rancho Sahuarita. They took a tour at the Clubhouse and picked out a house their second day here!

The Jarvis family practices sustainability and try to limit their use of the earth’s natural resources. Dennise explained, “We create simple goals for ourselves, like only 2 bags of trash per week (a feat with 8 people in our household), 4,000 gallons of water per month and 400 KwH of electricity use per month. We share one vehicle and Justin rides his bike often if he needs to go somewhere solo. We make mistakes and we learn from them, and our knowledge of what makes us feel happier and healthier is always evolving. We didn’t always maintain these habits but we have learned from trial and error and we enjoy sharing what we know with others. Happiness and good nutrition are the foundation of creating a better life for our family.”