Isabella’s Ice Cream

There are many residents in Rancho Sahuarita that own businesses; both in the community, throughout the greater region, and those they manage from their homes. Isabella’s Ice Cream is one of these many local treasures. Recently, the company launched a donation page on, with hopes to stir up enough buzz and funding to help finance increased storage and freezer space.

Isabella’s, which has been in operation now for nearly three years, uses 1920s-style trucks which are run entirely on electricity; making their business and product practices innovative and environmentally-friendly. Their unique flavors are all made from locally-sourced, all-natural ingredients.  While it is currently available in local markets and some restaurants throughout Tucson, the company was in need of help to expand their business to enable future expansion to larger merchants, like Whole Foods.

Thanks for the generosity of various donors, the funding goal on the project was reached. Their request for help was granted, making it possible for yet another Rancho Sahuarita resident to fulfill a dream.  Co-owner Kristel Johnson said of the endeavor, “The business has been growing in its own direction and we are just going with it. It’s been a pretty natural growth. It keeps us busy – we are totally crazy…but it’s fun!”

Isabellas Ice Cream 2 crop