Greenlight a Vet

There is no doubt that our country’s veterans represent some of our nation’s bravest members. As testament to this, Rancho Sahuarita is proud to be participating in the nationwide movement, called, “Greenlight a Vet.” Each Veterans Day, homes, businesses and schools are invited to Greenlight a Vet. This is to represent your support toward the hiring of veterans of our armed forces, as they return home and enter the workforce.

We encourage you to show your support to the veterans who are your neighbors, friends, family and those who fight and have fought for our nation. You can join in this campaign by switching one of your home’s porch lights to green for the week, or during the day of Wednesday, November 11. Green colored lights are being sold at retailers such as Walmart across the United States,  (read more here).

The campaign carefully selected the color green because it universally symbolizes “Go” — much like a veteran’s willingness to take swift action, no matter the challenge.

The Rancho Sahuarita Clubhouse has also converted the lighting in the water fountain out front to green to display our support of veterans, nationally.

Rancho Sahuarita is proud to take part in this important cause, especially for the large military and former military population within our community. We are happy to show our support to them and all veterans in whatever way we can for all they do.