Fun Tips to Prep for Fall

With summer coming to a close, it is a great time to do a little “summer cleaning” and get you and your home ready for the new season ahead! Between the changing weather and schedules, and the many new and exciting events coming to Rancho Sahuarita starting in September, you can be sure there is plenty to keep you busy in the coming months.

Here are some fun tips for residents to de-clutter from the summer rush, and welcome in the new season with open arms.

  • 1. The kiddos have started school, which means you can take this chance to find new and fun ways to spend time with them. Consider some affordable and easy crafting projects, sure to delight the little ones and spruce up your space. There are lots of resources out there with fun ideas, like this link from Good Housekeeping.
  • 2. Fall can be a busy time, being sandwiched between summer fun and holiday prep. Getting organized can help it feel a little less stressful. Here are some helpful tips for FreshHome on how to get your space organized and improve your routine while doing it.
  • 3. Get outside and enjoy the changing seasons on any of the community’s trails. Did you know that Rancho Sahuarita has over 17 miles of paved walking and biking trails? On any given day, you can see your fellow residents jogging, biking, or using the trails to get from point A to point B. Plus, there are lots of outdoor fitness classes that you can take advantage of, like Boot Camp, Aquatics, Triathlon Club and more.
  • 4. Stop by the Rancho Sahuarita Clubhouse and take advantage of some of the new events, like the Sunday Addition, I Can Cook, Tamales and Tequila Mixer and more!
    1. If you haven’t had a chance, be sure to stop by one of the community’s newest amenities, the Armed Forces Tribute. It is a beautiful tribute to the members of the Armed Forces, and is definitely a must-see. Plus, new events will be taking place at the Tribute, including the new Coffee for Warriors event, and the Military Appreciation Barbecue in October. For more details on all these events and more, be sure to stop by the Clubhouse and pick up your copy of the Fall/Winter 2016 Village Talk, available next week.
  • 5. Consider donating the warm weather clothing your children are outgrowing to charity. No time is ever too soon to make a difference in someone’s life, and the smallest things really can make the biggest difference.

With tips and tricks like these, plus all the amazing opportunities to spend your time in Rancho Sahuarita on a daily basis, we know you’ll be able to make this fall season one to fall for, and definitely one you and your family can remember.