Fitness Tips to “Fit” into Your Busy Schedule in 2018

Health and wellness is important, and fitness of the mind and body are a big part of that. Staying healthy and fit as a family can be challenging at times, especially when your days are filled with school, work, extracurriculars, sports and more.

Here are some tips we’ve found that can help make it easier and more fun to make fitness a priority for your family, and that can “fit” into your busy schedule as you kick off the New Year.

  1. Get outdoors:

Whether it’s taking a family walk or run on one of the community’s many trails, or stopping by Club Rancho Sahuarita (if you’re a resident) for classes as a clan, staying active in the community is possible thanks to lots of options. Try a new class or check out a different running or biking route for the New Year to change things up a bit.

  1. Consider redoing your family room or living room

Think about your family room or central gathering place in your home. Is it filled with TVs, video games consoles or computers? While all those items are fun and can often be an important part of life, (with work and school) consider how fitness can make the cut. Consider adding small touches that can serve as reminders, like resistance bands or a yoga mat you can use while watching television; or using video games that encourage activity (like a Wii Fit if you have it). Small adjustments like these can help ensure the room serves both purposes of fun and fitness.

  1. Incorporate healthy eating as a family

Make eating better a priority for your family in the New Year. Do you have picky eaters?  Take a family trip to the store or a farmers market, and let children pick their own fruits and vegetables and let them be a part of preparing it. Kids who are involved in the process from start to finish are more likely to enjoy and finish what’s put in front of them.

  1. Find ways to make household chores fun

Instead of a divide and conquer mentality when it comes to chores, consider making it a family activity. Time yourselves for how long it takes to get the house clean, and then try to beat your time next time. Play music and sing and dance around as you work through tasks. Take the family dog for walks together and roller blade or jump rope your way through it.

  1. Try a fitness calendar

Instead of thinking of getting fit as a damper on your busy schedule, think of it as a welcomed addition to your calendar. Maybe you could add 30 minutes of playing hoops to Mondays, and 20 minutes of walking through the Safari or Wilderness Trail on Thursday. It’s an easy family event that can not only add to your wellness, but can become fun family memories and traditions over time.

As we kick off the New Year, think about how you can help make 2018 a healthier and happier one. By following tips and tricks like these, your whole family can be a big part of that.