February was “Event-full”

February was an event-full month for Rancho Sahuarita. The busy month, which of course included regular resident events like classes, clubs, and Coffee Socials, was made even busier by the annual Resident Father Daughter Dance and Rancho Sahuarita Rodeo Round-Up. All the events were planned with the goal in mind of providing fun and fulfilling experiences for residents, all in the comfort and convenience of the community.

The 6th Annual Father-Daughter Dance was a resident favorite as always, serving as a unique occasion for fathers to take their “best girls” out for a night of dinner and dancing. Each year the fathers pull out all the stops, many of which purchasing special outfits for themselves and their daughters, or gifting their daughters with flowers or corsages. This year was extra special however, as a father-daughter pair that almost was unable to attend “kept a promise” and made it to the dance.

Due to a sudden health incident, this resident father almost lost his life, which made it seem like his attendance at the dance with his young daughter was all but possible. However, thanks to the efforts of doctors at Carondelet St. Mary’s Hospital, he was given top-quality and effective care and was able to make it to the event. His wife addressed the crowd at the dance, telling all the fathers and daughters of the ordeal he had been through and the fact that he was determined to make it to the event, despite the challenges he had faced. She introduced him to the crowd, and sang a special song for him for all those in attendance to enjoy. Kristina Diaz Moreno, Assistant Lifestyle Manager at the Clubhouse, said of the event, “It was a great event- truly one of my favorites.”

While February started on a high note, the month ended on a high note as well; with the resident event “Rodeo Round Up” at the Clubhouse. The event included elements like pony rides, a live country music band, a mechanical bull, and a petting zoo. Over 2500 residents turned out to attend this event, which brought all the fun of the main Rodeo right into their backyard. This event, which was planned to be a smaller version of a major Tucson attraction, turned into a large “Rancho Sahuarita Attraction” in its own right.

FD Dance

FD Dance 2

FD Dance 3


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