Create Better Life Honoree: Mike Soto

In partnership with iHeartMedia and KOLD TV, Rancho Sahuarita is recognizing Southern Arizona residents who make a difference in the lives of others. The Create a Better Life campaign is designed to honor and recognize those who contribute to their community, and make a difference.

The first story selected was submitted by Marissa from Villa Hermosa, an Independent and Assisted Living community in Tucson. Marissa nominated Mike Soto, the Executive Director of Villa Hermosa.

Among the positive attributes that she mentioned in her nomination were Mike’s positive attitude, desire to make improvements around the community, and incredible team leadership. “Mike is always striving for employee growth and encourages further education. This has helped make our turnover rate fall below industry standards and [made] Villa Hermosa a great place to work.”

She also shared that he is committed to helping the community outside of Villa Hermosa. He leads the way in community outreach at local shelters and adopting a local school; joining community residents to host fundraisers for the school, read to the children and more.

“He does above and beyond every day.”

Thank you, Mike, for all you do to Create a Better Life for your residents, your employees, and surrounding community in Southern Arizona!