Congratulations, SUSD A+ Schools of Excellence!

Anza Trail School and Sahuarita Primary School have received coveted A+ School of Excellence ratings from the Arizona Educational Foundation! AEF awarded six A+ ratings in Southern Arizona, and SUSD is the only district in the area to have more than one A+ school.

The AEF ratings differ from the letter grades assigned by the Arizona Department of Education. To receive an A+ rating from AEF, schools must submit a comprehensive application and undergo a two-day on-site inspection.

Schools are evaluated on numerous factors, including parent and community engagement. In order to be considered, schools must have received at least a “B” rating from the Arizona Department of Education. For the 2013-2014 school year, Anza Trail received an “A” rating and Sahuarita Primary School received a “B” rating from ADE.