Club Rancho Sahuarita Hosts Special, Private #LoveUp Foundation Event for Foster Children

In September, Club Rancho Sahuarita hosted team members of the #LoveUp Foundation, based out of Phoenix, Arizona, for a special event designed for foster children. Founded as a way “to remind people to pay it forward and spread the love,” the foundation now reaches thousands of children and adults through programs like #LoveUp Moments, Christmas Wish and Children’s Heart Gallery.

The Heart Gallery event at Club Rancho Sahuarita was one of “six days each year for foster children to attend a Heart Gallery event where they receive haircuts, new clothes and a professional photography session for their inclusion in the Heart Gallery.” The Heart Gallery is a photographic portal online that features children in the foster care system who are available for adoption and that are in need of homes. The Heart Gallery event is just one of the foundation’s many events for foster children, which according to the foundation website, are designed to “[spread] hope by creating special, memorable experiences for children living in the foster care system.” #LoveUp works closely with the Arizona Department of Child Safety to support their special events for these children.

In 2019 alone, the #LoveUp Foundation was able to reach and positively impact over 3000 children. “The #LoveUp Foundation believes every child should know what it is like to go to a ballgame, visit a working farm, attend the State Fair or go to a movie on opening night.”

For more information about the #LoveUp Foundation, click here.