Bryson Family – Residents Since 2019

Dr. Celeste Bryson and her husband, Mike N. Bryson, LPC, NCC, along with their 4 youngest children, moved to Rancho Sahuarita in January of 2019 from Clayton, Delaware, (where their two oldest children still reside.) The Brysons heard about Rancho Sahuarita from a friend on the East Coast who told them the community would be a good fit for their family.

Dr. Celeste Bryson loves being a wife and mother and also enjoys working in Clinical Psychology. Since moving here, she started a non-profit called “Thriving”. “Thriving” has partnered with many different local organizations within the community, hosting food giveaways, diaper giveaways, educational programs, mental health programs, and providing  community support services.

Mike Bryson, LPC, NCC is the owner and founder of Wellspring Counseling Services, a private practice in Sahuarita. He is a licensed counselor in mental health and enjoys working with adolescents, families, adults and couples.

We asked the Brysons how they are able to Create a Better Life living here and Celeste responded, “We spend more time together as a family now that we are living here. We enjoy sharing our ministry with others in the community and love being outside, playing basketball, exercising, swimming, going to the park, riding bikes, walking together around the lake and attending the various family friendly events that Rancho Sahuarita offers. We are so delighted to meet other families in the community who enjoy the same. This place is not just a good fit for our family- but a great fit!”