Tucson News Now published last week that Sahuarita was recently accoladed for the newly released test scores, and surging attendance within their Advanced Placement courses at the high school level! The column, which uses information originating from the National Math and Science Initiative explains that SUSD is the first and only district in the state of Arizona to partner with NMSI’s College Readiness Program, which has over 750 nationwide affiliates, according to Tucson News Now.

Many statistics representing the school’s improvement are listed in the article, including how, “for the current school year 428 students are enrolled in AP classes, that number is up from 218 two years ago.”

In the article, Elizabeth Walton emphasizes the tie between the school’s success and its relationship with the NMSI College Readiness Program.

There was a ceremony on Tuesday, October 20, honoring students who received qualifying scores through the program.
For more on the successes of SUSD, check out the full Tucson News Now article.

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