As 2016 begins and 2015 is looked back upon, national recognitions for excellence and major internal improvements around the Town of Sahuarita, and in Rancho Sahuarita in particular, made 2015 a year worth celebrating.

This past May, Money Magazine released its annual top “50 Best Places to Live” ranking and listed Sahuarita as #29 in the entire United States. Not only did Money Magazine underline Sahuarita’s growth rate, median income and average home price throughout the city, but Sahuarita was also the sole town in the State of Arizona to make the Top 50.  Since the town’s incorporation in 1994, Rancho Sahuarita has played a major role in the growth and success of the town overall. With a focus on creating a better life, Rancho Sahuarita continues to be a place over 5,000 families call home.

Along with Money Magazine’s prestigious recognition, also cited the town in a few of its ranking lists. Sahuarita was named the “3rd Best Tucson Suburb for Young Professionals,” noting the positive community atmosphere, scenic parks and new home designs. In addition, Movoto also highlighted Sahuarita as the “#1 Best Tucson Suburb to Live In,” thanks to the low unemployment rate, the lowest crime rate of any listed suburb, and its 374 amenities.

Internally, the Rancho Sahuarita community in particular also had a lot to celebrate this past year. The Clubhouse at Rancho Sahuarita is proud to have unveiled its renovated kitchen and La Villita Lounge, where some of the residents’ favorite events like Coffee Socials and new Healthy Cooking Lectures are able to take shape in this state of the art facility. The addition of the new amenity has allowed for the creation of many new events and special programs, all of which help to elevate and continue evolving the community’s already extensive lifestyle offering.

There has been outstanding attendance at the community’s major events this past year. With some of the frequent and annual resident-only events continuing to be popular amongst the residents, and special collaborative events like Halloween’s “Sahuarita Spooktacular” or the new “Red, White and Boom” Fourth of July event both attracting approximately 10,000 people from across the surrounding region, 2015 was made to be a really outstanding showcase of what incredible feats can be achieved through dedication and partnership.

The Sahuarita Unified School District also had a year of successes. The Sahuarita WINS! Initiative received the Metropolitan Pima Alliance Common Ground Award.  SUSD is also the only school district in the state to have the National Math and Science Initiative, which has resulted in the number of passing AP test scores in the district doubling after what was only its first year in action.

It’s fair to say that Rancho Sahuarita and the Town of Sahuarita are wrapping up one of their best years ever. But 2015 promises to be just as exciting, with many new events and programs on the horizon.

Rancho Sahuarita’s Vice President of Community Development, Jeremy Sharpe, said of the past year and its many accomplishments, “The last few years have illustrated what collaboration and partnerships can create when everyone is focused on creating a better life for residents. 2016 is shaping up to be one of our best years yet.”

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