(October 27, 2015) – “Hollywood-inspired homes that have the “look, but don’t touch elegance” are a fading trend and home owners now are preferring natural, comfortable spaces.

Consumers’ three favorite home designs: Inviting, Rustic, and Beachside Charm, finds a new survey conducted by realtor.com®. Visitors were asked to vote for their favorite type of decor as part of their “Get This Look” promotion (and a chance to win a $45,000 home makeover by television host Jennifer Farrell). Inviting styles nabbed 23 percent of more than 10,000 votes cast by realtor.com® visitors as the top design choice, followed by Rustic at 22 percent, and Beachside Charm at 21 percent.

“We are seeing a shift in home design trends – leaving behind the glitz and glam for a more natural look – whether that may be a rugged barn with many textures or a serene beach-like feel,” says Farrell. “Today’s style reflects today’s lifestyle and we’ve found that having a space for entertaining family and friends all year round is the number one trend.”

The following is a breakdown of the top three style preferences:

  • Inviting: This is described as a welcoming atmosphere that includes fun barware, plenty of seating, and a gather-worthy kitchen that can serve as the life of the party.
  • Rustic: This look is for those who prefer natural elements: wood, stone, water and light. This design style usually incorporates organic materials from the outside inside for a perfect balance.
  • Beachside Charm: This design has a relaxed and casual feel, often incorporating terra cotta tile, patio umbrellas, sundecks, and scattered shells.

Meanwhile, the design styles least favored in the survey: Regal (a design that uses fine fabrics and antiques), Urban, eclectic Mid-Century Modern, and Earthy.

Source: Move Inc.

Original article sourced from http://realtormag.realtor.org/daily-news/2015/10/27/home-designs-buyers-love-most

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