This is the sixth in a series of 10 posts highlighting Rancho Sahuarita and the amenities that make it a great place for families. Look for other posts to come in the next few months!

In Rancho Sahuarita, we know how important each and every member of your family is to the fabric of life in our community. The same goes for your very special four-legged friends! Our Bark Park is another great amenity located in the heart of the community. The space is paw-sitively perfect for the dogs and puppies in your life, having options for both large and small dogs.

The park is approximately 1.6 acres in size, and is located kitty-corner from Club Rancho Sahuarita (at the southwest corner of Rancho Sahuarita Blvd. and La Villita). The space offers not only tons of grassy open space for your four-legged friends to get their energy out and play around, but also size-appropriate play equipment. Exercise and socialization are important for your dog just like it is important for you, and the Bark Park provides a great avenue for both. Plus, there are also trees and shade structures at the park, to ensure coverage and safety under the hot Arizona sun. We have doggie clean up bags available, making it easy for residents to be courteous to their friends and neighbors.

Events are also held at the Bark Park from time to time, including the Dog Halloween Costume Contest. This event invites residents to bring their pooches fully decked in creative costumes, with the chance to compete for prizes like gift baskets, gift cards and more! The event is very popular, and has a loyal following that attends each year.

The park is private and maintained by the Rancho Sahuarita Village Program Association, and is accessible to residents only. Residents can access the park by visiting Club Rancho Sahuarita during regular business hours to obtain the gate code.

Located in the northern region of the community lies North Santa Cruz Park, the other larger park in the community owned and managed by the Town of Sahuarita. Check out next month’s blog post complete with the ins and outs of enjoying this great public community amenity.



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