100+ Join Saguaro Club in First Month

Residents at the first Saguaro Club registration drive in January.On Jan. 1, Rancho Sahuarita introduced the Saguaro Club, the first-ever multi-community membership club for active adults in Southern Arizona. In January alone, over one hundred residents of Rancho Sahuarita, Rancho Resort, and Sonora Del Webb joined the Saguaro Club.

“We are tremendously excited about the resident response to the Saguaro Club,” says Rancho Sahuarita Campus Director Michelle Moreno. At the time of printing, more than 140 residents of Rancho Resort, Sonora by Del Webb, and Rancho Sahuarita have become members of the club.

The Saguaro Club is a membership-based club for active adult residents of the three communities. Members have access to exclusive Saguaro Club events, which are in addition to the events organized by the community HOAs.

Saguaro Club members Bonnie Fischer and Marlo Green are excited about the new opportunities to connect with their neighbors. “The Saguaro Club is a great way to meet new folks, as well as experience sites and explore the communities that are in our own backyards,” Bonnie says.

The club’s first major event was an excursion on Jan. 31 to the DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun in Tucson; 29 members attended for a visit to the gallery and a stop for lunch at Fini’s Landing on the way home. Along with a couple guided Nature Walks, club members also had the opportunity to visit the Kitt Peak Observatory in February, a unique Southern Arizona experience. Due to the overwhelming positive response, a second excursion to Kitt Peak is scheduled in March.

Moreno anticipates that membership will continue to grow throughout 2015 as more events and activities are added to the calendar. “We are looking to club members for guidance on the types of activities they would like to do, so our schedule of events will always be changing,” she says.

The spring schedule of events has been released, and the calendar includes activities like concerts and happy hours. The summer schedule will be finalized and released in the coming months.

For more information about joining the Saguaro Club, visit www.MyRanchoSahuarita.com/SaguaroClub. The full schedule of spring activities is also available online.